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A DateTimePicker Control for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is DatePicker, TimePicker or both, you can customize it as you want

As all, I am waiting for a DateTimePicker control to be included in the next
release of .Net, but until that time I've developed one because I needed such one for my application
and I'am sharing it here, maybe someone need it.



The class name is Dameer (Date time Picker)
The properties are:

1. (Value : DateTime?) It's a dependency property, So you can use it in Binding
2. (Format : DateTimePickerFormat) Long - Short - Time - Custom
3. (ShowCheckBox : bool) and (Checked : bool) To support Null
4. If you select (Format.Custom), you can set a custom string in (CustomFormat : string) property
all date and time format specifiers of DateTime class are supported except some of them like (z)

Support Up and Down arrow to change any part, or you can use the mouse wheel.
You can set the value of any numeric part manually.
Has a Calendar control to select a date.

.Net 4

Righ-Click on toolbox and select Choose Items --> WPF Components --> Browse... ---> Select Loya.Dameer.dll
then the control will appear in toolbox and data-bound controls list

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